The Bad, The Ugly, The Terrible

The Cost of Building Apps

And... how you can deal with it.

Live Webinar

Tuesday, January 16th

11am MT

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Together, we will cover:

Typical Development Process

We'll explore what the industry typical does to build apps, from beginning to end.

Average Development Cost

We'll explore the average cost of building an app, and explore the reasons for the cost.

Average Failure Rate

We'll explore the average failure rate of apps and the reasons why they fail.

Your Host

Asher Gunsay

Asher Gunsay

Founder, Technical Strategist

Asher founded AIDIA as a complete accident in 2017 after building and selling a business automation for his step-dad. To date, he has helped launch dozens of startups and created dozens of automations for businesses and organizations including the University of Utah, National Equipment Services, and more.

He is a proud husband and dad to 2 beautiful kids, a sweet kitty, and one crazy golden doodle. He's obsessed with playing board games, exploring entrepreneurship, cursing slow websites, and cooking things his picky kids will eat.

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