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Slides and overview of my presentation to USU CS students November 15th, 2023

What is agile?

  • Being able to respond to change quickly
  • Pivoting
  • Being able to outwit larger predators

Just because you are Agile doesn't mean you are agile

  • Following an Agile framework doesn't grant those attributes
  • Instead, you need to be intentional. Ask yourself what it means to be agile, and find ways to be closer to that
  • Agile isn't necessarily the best strategy. You don't want to be agile building a rocket.
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agile tactics

  • Conway's law teaches us to look at the structure of the organization - we may need to change it to become more agile
  • Slice vertically rather than horizontally to increase cohesion and deliver change sooner
  • Have everyone deploy straight to master to avoid integration issues.
  • Use Feature Flags to branch - they are far more controllable and flexible than version control
  • Remove any other gates (looking at you PRs!) to integrating several times a day to ensure everyone has access to the latest and greatest ideas and resources
  • Deliver the code continuously to end customers. This makes them happy, forces a higher sense of quality, and helps to address fears of failure.
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These are not the end all be all

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