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Shorten Feedback Cycles

I remember moving into an old home. The water heater was clear in the basement, and I took showers in the bathroom upstairs. I’m pretty sure the plumbing must have been wild - I would adjust the temperature and would need to wait a good 2 minutes or so before it came back up!

As I’m sure you can imagine, I would crank the temperature dial further, and further over one direction wondering when I would ever get warm water. Then… I’d scream out in pain and flip it the complete opposite direction. Pressed against the wall, I did my best to avoid being boiled alive.

And so it went. Over corrections back and forth.

Flash forward to today, and now, my shower responds seemingly instantaneously to my touch. I can get to the perfect temperature almost without thinking about it.

Everything we do has a consequence. However, the time to see those consequences has a great impact on how quickly we are able to adjust and determine the best course of action. Shortening the feedback cycle has an exponential effect on finding that goldilocks path.


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