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Develop an incredible app. Join a cohort of 10 other entrepreneurs. Reap in passive income.

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Before Start: Register

Register with the form on this page, and we will dive into the details of your brilliant idea together!

Additionally, we will group you with 9 other entrepreneurs who are pursuing the same thing as you!

Month 1: Develop

Once the cohort has been established, we will take 1 month to develop your app.

During this development period, you will work with your cohort, develop an incredible marketing and sales plan, and start laying the groundwork to be successful.

Month 2+: Scale

It's launch time!

You will execute on your marketing plan, work on cross promoting your cohort's businesses, and will scale to your first 10, then your first 100, then your first 1,000 customers.


All Plans Include

We've seen all sorts of crazy pricing schemes. Our competitors love being "Agile" with your wallet, committing you to oppressive maintenance, hosting, and hourly rather than outcome billing practices.

By contrast, we like to keep it simple. All of our plans are identical except for one thing. What's the difference? Royalty rates. Pay more upfront to decrease the royalty agreement.



$1,000 $500



$2,200 $1,100

All In


$5,000 $2,500

This offer expires in:



Why is there a royalty?

First and foremost, it's so you know I'm vested in your success. The more successful you become, the more successful I will be as well.

Second, the royalty allows me to continue to invest in the underlying platform that your app will be built on.

Third, it pays for the hosting, tax compliance, and technical support that are required for your app.

Fourth, it pays for developing new features in your app! You won't need to budget for it; you will automatically have a credit you can put towards making your app even more impressive.

So... why is there a royalty? So you don't need to pay the full cost of building a SaaS upfront and invest instead in growing your user base.

Can I buy out the royalty?


After the first 2 years, you can buy out the royalty. It will cost the larger of either 1) Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) Revenue multiplied by the royalty percentage multiplied by 5, or 2) $10,000.

After the buy out, you will have 3 months of technical support on us while we train your engineering team to take the project over.

After the buy out, you will be charged for the services used within the application. You will be able to preview these costs prior to the buy out. These services can be removed or replaced by your engineering team to reduce your hosting bill at your own discretion after the buy out until no more services are used (removing all hosting costs).

Can I build an app without paying a royalty or licensing fee?

Yes! The price will be higher, you will need to pay for hosting costs yourself, and you will not be a part of the cohorts so it does end up being a little riskier.

But, if you are sold on your idea and are ready to go for it solo, I totally understand that!

Reach out, and we can discuss your idea and get it rolling.

Can I do this as an internal application for my business?

We do build custom business solutions and automations, but this program is exclusively for entrepreneurs creating new software businesses.

Reach out, and we can talk about your needs and get your business automated!

Is payment processing covered by your royalty?

It is not. Payment processing will be handled by a third party service for web apps, and may be handled by the respective app stores for mobile apps.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. An additional 20% will be charged for a payment plan.

The schedule for payment plans looks as follows:

- 20% due upfront

- 10% each month following until the total is paid off

These payments are separate from the royalty payments.