Richard Westrick Full Testimonial

How did you learn of Aidia?

I was referred to them by another programmer I trusted. He didn't work in the environment we used, so he referred us to Aidia and Asher.

What stood out to you when you met with Aidia?

What stood out to me was that these weren't "recipe followers". They put a lot of time into understanding our business, our value proposition, and what about our product would entice people to want to buy it.

The other thing that stood out was that they priced by project, not by hours. This can be very risky for them and puts a huge burden on them to ensure the project is properly scoped. They made sure that all parties had the same expectation for the deliverable and the boundaries of the project.

How did the process go?

The process is very smooth. They created a simple process using Asana that allowed us to create the tasks needed for each feature. They would develop the feature and then put it into a dev/staging environment for us to test. We also used Jam for recording the screen when using the product; if there was an issue, the Jam recording showed Aidia exactly what we were doing as well as showing the console of what was happening at the time. As we moved through development, testing, review, and release, the tasks moved through the Kanban board so we always knew the status of each task.

What keeps you coming back to Aidia?

Aidia never stops asking questions as to how to make the product better; and this isn't just from a feature standpoint, but from a value-add perspective of the customer. This is a very smart approach; the more successful we are, the more we can spend on product development.

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