YBA Shirts: Opportunity, like now

YBA Jersey Ordering App showing the first screen.

AIDIA had very educated and prompt responses. I appreciated both your knowledge, and ability to communicate that to me (someone not in the tech world).

It's rare you can find somebody in your industry who can communicate both languages (the tech language, and explaining it in simple terms).

You hit your deadline which is also a rare thing in the industry.

~ Travis Stringam, YBA Shirts

Where YBA Was

YBA is a one-stop provider for jerseys, with the manufacturing, printing, customizing, organizing, and shipping all included when you work with them. They specialize in helping teams around the country have access to high quality jerseys at low prices. YBA came across an incredible opportunity to provide jerseys for a local junior NBA team, but they needed a custom web fulfillment process completed in a very consolidated time frame.

Where YBA Is Now

Orders are coming through their custom order fulfillment process which was completed in only 8 days.

What We Did

  • Custom, modern, and clean interface designed from rough wireframes.

  • Email notifications to all interested parties.

  • Serverless backend, meaning the app costs pennies every month to maintain.

  • Document based storage of all entered orders with all relevant information.

  • Bug Free Guarantee for an entire year.

  • Oh yeah, did we mention all of the above was built in 8 days?

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