Find Mojo: Full Platform

Find Mojo sample screen showing participant results in a modern dashboard.

The Aidia team is amazing to work with. They are great at taking our crazy ideas and making them become reality. They are great at listening and then providing solutions that are easily implementable.

~ Paul Yoachum, Find Mojo

Where Find Mojo Was

Find Mojo is a leadership and training company focused on employee engagement and motivation. Employees are able to take the Motivators Assessment to discover their top motivators: hint - money is typically at the bottom.

We interacted with Find Mojo under their old name, "The Culture Works". At the time, they had their assessment and data hosted by a 3rd party company, and they were manually distributing text codes pulled from an excel spreadsheet.

Where Find Mojo Is Now

The Motivator's Assessment is widely recognized within the corporate world, with over 75% of the Fortune 500 using it and over 100,000 people having discovered what motivates them. Companies are finding new ways of using the results to engage their workforces with some impressive results:

Turnover Reduced
In AstraZeneca
Employee Satisifaction Increased
In SirsiDynix
Stress + Anxiety Reduced
In Kaiser Permanente

What We Did

Exploring everything we have done with Find Mojo would likely bore even boars. Here's a high level overview of some of the things we have accomplished:

  • Built an admin dashboard to distribute codes.
  • Built an organization dashboard to distribute codes.
  • Built customized web reports.
  • Merged the assessment application with the dashboard, creating the Motivator's Platform.
  • Dynamically generated PDF reports and tracking created.
  • Automatic fulfillment and purchasing.
  • Usage analytics and opportunity reports.
  • And... and... and we will stop boring you haha.

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