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3 Things (+ 1 More)

Slides and overview of my presentation to USU CS students November 1st, 2023

Value is Subjective

  • Value is created when we trade
  • We trade when the value of the other item is greater than the cost of what we are giving
  • Value is determined by the risk of the new item multiplied by it's potential value
  • Business and sales is merely increasing value by changing perception
  • This is critical for all aspects of your life: you are always selling your skills, your time, and your ideas
  • Also see: Value is Subjective

Today's Best Practice is Tomorrow's Legacy

  • Focusing just on front end coding, best practices within JS / TS have changed drastically over the last 15 years
  • Software is a young industry; we don't have the best of the best practices... yet
  • Focus on higher level strategies over lower level tactics to keep your head above water
  • Also see: Today's Best Practice is Tomorrow's Legacy | The Intelligent Rebel

Success: (Execution * Strategy) ^ Luck

  • I am where I am because of Execution, Strategy, and Luck - I can't separate out which was most important.
  • We risk making mistakes by failing to consider all 3 elements
  • Execution is power, Strategy is Direction, and Luck is a force amplifier / dampener
  • Also see: Outcome = (Strategy * Execution) ^ Luck


  • We have all had "teachers" who chose their profession because it was the easy choice
  • There are mentors here who choose to be here despite it being the hard choice
  • Seek out the mentors and work with them; it's one of the incredible things about university

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