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One of my favorite clients pointed out this morning that I have not sent out a post in a minute.

And wow… they were right! And… I was happy to hear that someone actually reads these haha!

So, I’ll get back to writing about the intersection of tech, strategy, and entrepreneurship… tomorrow.

Until then, I’ve been working hard on creating something new I’m calling AshCloud. What is it? It’s a collection of prebuilt solutions that make implementing things in your projects even faster and easier.

Here’s a fast look at some of the things AshCloud does:

  • VectorDB. Modern AI solutions require transforming text into vector embeddings. VectorDB will create these embeddings for you, and allow you to perform semantic searches with custom filters on the data. I keep coming up with crazy use cases for this! Imagine lead generation assessments which were fill in the blank based rather than multiple choice, google-like searches in your application, matching users based off of their posts’ content, and so on… pretty cool stuff.
  • Auth. Auth is something which is part of every application. So much so that I could put it together in my sleep haha. AshCloud Auth takes normal auth a step beyond, making it easy to have multi-tenant setups, fine-grained access and permission controls, and user profile management including profile pictures to boot.
  • Images. Images are another critical part of many applications. Accepting images is fine… but often you want them optimized for displaying on the web, need to have strong caching in order to reduce costs, and so on. AshCloud Images handles all of that out of the box.
  • Templates. Creating custom CSV, XSLX, PDF, and DOCX documents is another common thing in a lot of projects. AshCloud makes creating these templates, and generating the actual documents a breeze.
  • Scheduling. Calendly is great. Until you need something more flexible and directly integrateable into your system. So… that’s what AshCloud Scheduling is all about.
  • Feedback. Rather than spending hundreds integrating a ZenDesk directly into your application, what if there were a way to have something which automatically collected urls, user details, their issues, a screenshot of what they are seeing, and gathered it directly wherever you would like? Yeah… that’s pretty awesome.

All of the above is still in early stages. But, if you could see it helping out in your project, reach out and let’s get it put it in there!

Anyways, talk tomorrow!


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