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Alignment is Power

What is alignment? It’s removing conflict, unifying purposes, and becoming whole.

Alignment (and non-alignment) can happen at many levels. You can be aligned internally, with a partner, within your organization, with your clients, with governments, with entire continents.

On an individual level, it looks like this:

  • Alignment of passion, expertise, and values
  • Sometimes called being in your “genius zone”
  • Results in work being energizing rather than draining
  • Excited for each and every day

By contrast, internal non-alignment / conflict looks like this:

  • Expertise without passion or in conflict with your values
  • Effective work
  • Work is tolerable, but is frequently draining
  • Look for escapes from work

Internal conflict creates friction and drag - it will hold you back from where you could go.

So… do you love what you do? Are you exceptional at it? Is it aligned with what you value?


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