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Not enough time

It’s really easy to get into a “chicken / egg” situation with time.

  1. I want more time.
  2. Getting more time requires an upfront investment of time.
  3. I don’t have enough time to make that investment.

So… you end up feeling trapped and stuck.

How do you deal with this?

You start with a simple realization… what would happen if you got really sick on a single day in a month? Would you have to take the day off? Would you be able to recover the lost work later?

If you can make a single sick day work, you can make a single, “reclaim my time” day work too. Take a single day in a month, block it out, and focus exclusively on putting things together to make your work go faster, smoother, and with as little involvement from you as possible.

Now, consider you are able to shave off a small 8 hours of cumulative time in that entire day. It might feel microscopic compared to the 160+ hours in a month… but uou can repeat the process again next month. And again. And again.

Your health, family, wallet, and happiness will all thank you.


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