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Unmotivated or just Blocked?

I really want to be there, I just don’t feel motivated to do it.

Can you see the paradox?

Motivation, is the desire for some change. And so, when we say things like the above, we are really saying, I’m motivated, but I’m not motivated.

If we dive deeper into what we are truly feeling, we come up with something a little more actionable.

I really want to be there, I just feel blocked.

What are you blocked by?

  1. Fear
    1. What will people think of me if I fail?
    2. What if my worst nightmare happens because I tried?
    3. What if this isn’t the right goal for me at this time?
  2. Uncertainty
    1. I don’t know how likely I am to succeed.
    2. I don’t know how to accomplish my goals.
    3. I don’t know if my goals are right or if I need to make better goals.
  3. Risk
    1. I know the odds, I have back up plans, I’ve addressed my fears… but that risk is still present…

Fear feeds on the unknown and your pride. Truth is, people are generally self-centered - they won’t care if you fail as they are too busy wondering what people think of them. Fears can also be addressed by coming up with mitigation plans for the worst fears.

Uncertainty dissolves with research, time, flexibility, and reflection. If you want some odds, throw some odds out there of what your gut is telling you, and modify the odds as you get more successes and more failures.

Finally, Risk is always present. You can’t research, humble, reflect, or learn your way out of it. There will always be a chance that you will not succeed this time. So, ask yourself if the goal is still worth pursuing, even in the face of the risk. Create guidelines to cut your losses before you’re in the thick of it. Proceed with the appropriate balance of reservation and boldness.

And, if you are still feeling blocked after having resolved fear, uncertainty, and doubt, just ask yourself, “What’s the smallest step I could take right now in the direction of this goal?” Then take it. A small step every day creates momentum. And momentum builds motivation.


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