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Success Is About Rules, Not Money

Growing up, I’d always thought that success was the quantity of money you had in hand and the quantity of money you had coming in. Maybe it’s the American culture I grew up in, maybe it’s from playing too much Monopoly or Life, maybe it’s from something else, but success always seemed to be ingrained with cash.

I was completely off-base. Now, I’ve realized success is incredibly subjective.

Success is how close you are living to the rules you have defined for yourself.

These rules come from a variety of places - your culture, religion (or lack thereof), laws, values, fears, understanding of yourself, and relationships. However, these rules are frequently buried back in the recesses of our minds.

Here’s the trick. If you bring the rules to the forefront of your mind, you can challenge rules which don’t make sense. You can also challenge the lifestyle you have if it’s in conflict with the rules. This intentional back and forth process of challenging the rules and lifestyles that are in conflict with each other brings you closer into alignment with your true self.

That alignment goes by a few names:

  • Success
  • Joy
  • Satisfaction
  • Internal Peace

Life is too fleeting to stay internally conflicted. Uncover your rules, and start playing the real game.


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