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Dream Paths

There are times when we make a huge pivot in our lives. We make a bet, take a risk, go all in on something uncertain. The expectations are huge, the excitement is tangible, and we blaze a path forward.

And then… we fail.

We don’t just fail once - we try again, and fail. So we dust ourselves off and try again. And fail again. Eventually, we fall into the pit of disillusionment.

It’s at this moment we have 4 distinct paths.

Path 1: Press On

There was a reason you chose this path. Rediscover those reasons, and climb your way out. It will take diligence. It will take time. It will take effort. But, eventually you will find yourself on the slope of enlightenment - the failures have transformed into an education, the successes are an inspiration, and you have reached the dream.

Path 2: Reroute

There was a reason you chose this path. Rediscover those reasons, and identify if there’s a better path to achieve it. You’ve learned about the dangers and pitfalls along one path to the dream, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to that dream. Press on confidently in the new path.

Path 3: Recalibrate

There was a reason you chose this path. However, during the course of pursuing it, you learn about yourself. You discover a stronger dream, a deeper pull in a similar yet distinct direction. Don’t ignore the feeling; pursue the clearer dream. That passion is what will give you the strength to put in the diligence, time, and effort that is required to scale any dream.

Path 4: Let Go

There was a reason you chose this path. Ignore it. Forget you ever had a dream. Go back to the comfortable mediocre. Give up.

Only one of these paths is the true failure.

As it’s written on the Temple of Apollo:

Know Thyself

Don’t shy away from your true self and your dreams.


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