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Value Is Subjective

I originally was in college for economics and finance - I’d never touched code in my life.

And, my first semester, I had a crazy libertarian economics professor hand out bags of candy to all 150 students in the class. He then asked us to write down what we would pay for that bag of candy.

I ended up with a baggy that had more or less all Tootsie rolls in it, so I put down $0.10. I’m not a huge fan of waxy fake chocolate I guess.

Then, we spent 15 minutes trading candy. I gave away all of my tootsie rolls for a single Reeses!

He had us write down, again, the value of the candy in our bags now that we’d traded. $0.25 for me. I’d made $0.15 in value?! And… anyone else who traded also saw their value increase. The entire value had skyrocketed up.

Value is subjective. What’s valuable to me may be worthless to you.

Are you spending your time, money, and energy on the things you value most?


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