Playbook Appendix B - Position Bands

Playbook Appendix B - Position Bands

September 7, 2021

Aidia aims to recognize development within particular positions to help encourage individual growth. We understand that as one grows, we all grow with them. These bands help us have merit-based, competitive, and fair wages. These bands will be updated as needed to ensure we stay competitive and to enable us to provide the best experience to our developers.

Intern / Junior Developer

We pride ourselves on our intern program which enables up and coming developers to get a feel for the professional side of their field. We understand that shaping these developer is literally shaping our future, and we strive for all our interns to know Aidia was one of the most formative parts of their career.

  • Beginner: $13 / hour
    • Little to no experience working in a professional software environment
    • Ability to problem solve novel situations
    • Basic understanding of the required languages and technologies
  • Intermediate: $15 / hour
    • Some experience working in a professional environment
    • Capable of taking on tasks with minor guidance
    • Solid understanding of basic software principles
    • Solid understanding of the required languages and technologies
    • Progress in replacing cleverness with intelligence
  • Expert: $17 / hour
    • Experience working within multiple Aidia Projects
    • Solid understanding of intermediate software principles
    • Ability to solve novel situations as variations of non-novel situations
    • Readable code is a priority in every development effort
    • Works in tandem with senior developers to mentor other junior developers

Senior Developer

Our senior developers are the mentors of our business. They not only know how to solve problems, but solve them beautifully. They act as a resource for our junior developers and help keep our products beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

  • Beginner: $25 / hour
    • Little to no experience as a senior developer
    • Mastery of the needed tools and technologies
    • Readable code is a priority
    • Ability to review other's codes and give meaningful feedback
  • Intermediate: $35 / hour
    • Some experience working as a senior developer
    • Ability to mentor junior developers, not only giving feedback about specific code, but showing the larger principles at work
    • Expertise in all needed tools and technologies, as well as exploring other tools and technologies that may be better
  • Expert: $45 / hour
    • Ability to mentor senior developers, showing best practices in mentoring
    • Understanding of many tools and technologies. Not only can solve a problem, but intuitively does the best way to solve it

Project Facilitator

Our project facilitators act as the router between our development teams and our clients. They intimately know the details of the projects they oversee, engage in meaningful conversations with all parties, and keep priorities in place so every iteration increases value to our clients. They literally become the face of Aidia.

  • Beginner: $35 / hour
    • Little to no experience facilitating
    • Experience with the project(s) they oversee
  • Intermediate: $50 / hour
    • Some experience facilitating
    • Intimate knowledge of the projects and people they oversee
    • Ability to problem solve with the clients and balance concerns
  • Expert: $65 / hour
    • Clients and teams walk away inspired with every meeting
    • Intimate knowledge of projects, clients, teams, technologies, and up and coming resources to enable meaningful discussions
    • Lead other project facilitators and mentor them in best practices

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