Playbook 00 - Introduction to Aidia

Playbook 00 - Introduction to Aidia

September 7, 2021

If there is one word that would summarize our approach here at Aidia, it is intentional. Rather than aimlessly drifting and taking the punches as they come, we work on preemptively solving issues in a manner that helps move everyone forward together.

Our ultimate aim is to make sure that time spent at Aidia marks an inflection point in personal and professional development, that you time here should not only shine on your resume but also in your memory.

We intentionally avoid using the word culture as we don't believe in making everyone fit in a single mold. Rather, we believe in being united in principles and vision, and diverse pretty much everywhere else.

By being united in helping each other grow intentionally, we will be able to weather the storms that threaten every business. This handbook is in no way complete or perfect, but we hope it will be perfect in progression, and ultimately will make anyone, or any company, more successful.

Major thanks to for serving as an amazing jump pad.

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