Reflection on my First Weeks

Taylor Anderson

12 / 30 / 2021

This has been my first experience in a professional software development environment, and it has been very eye opening to me. The first things that stuck out to me was the difference between maintenence of code, and writing it all yourself from scratch. It really hammers in the importance of writing good, clean code, so that anyone who comes after you (or even yourself) has the easiest time working with it.

One lightbulb moment for me was once everything just clicked, when I realized exactly how the project structures and everything all worked together, and really helped me jumpstart all my work. Asking others for help when you need it as well, is nothing to be ashamed of. It can help you learn everything correctly, as there were things that I had assumed to be one way, which after asking, I realized it was a complete other one. Everyone at Aidia has been super helpful and friendly, not just in helping me get my work out, but to grow and learn as a developer, and create great code. Aidia has what we call ‘Arena Challenges’ as well, which are little challenges for each member of the team to work on, and each person comes up with their own solution to it, so we can practice our problem solving, as well as seeing how others would accomplish the same. I have only completed a few so far, but they have been great to get some practice in, and I have been able to learn a lot from reading others solutions as well.

My final thoughts are about the nature of failure. At Aidia, it’s really hammered in that making mistakes is just a step in the learning process, and that has been relieving to me, as I am able to produce work, and through working with others we can take the first draft of work, and refine it into someting great. This lets me work on getting code out. Through the refinement process, I’ve been able to learn and grow as a developer, and make the code even better.

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