Interview Observations and Reflections

Asher Gunsay

11 / 11 / 2021

We just completed another round of hiring, and what a ride it has been! Here are some observations from this latest round to help future candidates:

  1. Be passionate. Our top candidates showed their passion for work and for their lives outside of work.
  2. Be creative and talk ideas through. Our top candidates explained their thought processes during the challenge and came up with unique solutions.
  3. Look and sound your best. Go to an area with good lighting, little echo, and strong internet connection. It certainly helps prevent a lot of “what?“s.
  4. Backend is not all. Every single candidate we interviewed mentioned preferring to work on the backend as it’s’ the most exciting part of the project. In my opinion, backend work is the most monotonous part of the project - it’s basically just access checks and data retrieval. Frontend work is where the algorithms, unique features, and most interesting challenges come out to play.
  5. Have strong personal projects. Personal projects really help show the things you know, what you are passionate about, and give practice into solving real world problems. School projects don’t carry the same weight, as it often isn’t clear how much was provided by your professor and what you actually put together.

A few takeaways to improve the process on our end:

  1. Make sure to put an expected start date in the invitation.
  2. Work on making the intro to the company shorter so you don’t lose your voice by the end of the day and make the candidates fall asleep.

We are looking forward to working with our new developers and the work we will do together.

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