One is the worst number

Asher Gunsay

9 / 14 / 2021

One is straight up awful. It's lonely, it's scary, and it's freaking painful to get past.

One is straight up awful. I try to be pretty positive, but the number one is absolutely terrifying. The process of going from zero to one is painful, and once you reach one, you are typically in a more fragile state than if you had just stayed at zero.


Why is one so awful? Let’s take a look at a few firsts:


Asking someone out on a first date takes significantly more energy, courage, and social finessing than both not asking and asking for any additional date. Then, after asking, you are in a position of fragility as you may be rejected. The pressure is even higher if the date is accepted; rejection after the date is even more humiliating. This pressure and fragility peaks at 1 and sharply tapers off with each additional date after.


Getting your first employee is excruciating - the process of navigating how to find a good pick, interviews, training, finding enough work for them to fill their day, and then having too much work for them to do, that first employee becomes the thing you think about more than anything else. Finally, once trained and helping you the way you thought they could, it’s time for them to pack their bags and move on, leaving you to wonder how on earth you are going to make up for the work they were performing. Turnover becomes far less burdensome as your company scales up, but while it is at one - horrible, awful one - turnover is a nightmare.

Working Out

The first day of working out is frequently the hardest. You need to work up the motivation to wake up early, your body is tired and sore, and after working out, you kind of feel miserable. Not only that, but it makes the following day even harder to get up and work out because of how sore you feel. Over time, it becomes easier and easier, but that first getting into it is really difficult.

Take Away

One is so difficult because it usually marks the beginning of a change. Embarking on a change is never easy, but is incredibly important. I would not trade my first date with my now wife for anything. That first employee is so important to taking your business to the next level. And, there is no gain without a little pain.

So, if you are ready to embark down that perilous journey of ‘one’ and it involves some software development, reach out. We know very well the challenges that come, and we will act as your wing-men to getting that beautiful software put together.

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